Scooter’s Daycare

Providing your pet with a safe, structured, and supervised play environment while you are away!

About Our Dog Daycare

Scooter’s Bark & Bubbles provides a safe, structured and supervised play environment where friendly dogs get to enjoy the company of one another.  We have 3 indoor play areas and a securely fenced outside play area and we cater to dogs of all sizes and activity levels because we believe that day care isn’t just for the young and highly active dogs.  We separate dogs according to size and temperament.  We also believe that like humans dogs need structure and enrichment so here at Scooter’s we have instituted what we call an enrichment challenge. Every Tuesday and Friday we take time to teach our full time Day Care Dogs different activities/ behaviors to boost their confidence and help you as the owner with everyday life activities. On the other days we work to re enforce these behaviors. These behaviors can be as simple as basic obedience cues to fun games and tricks that they can go home and show you!

Daycare Requirements

To keep everyone’s furry loved one safe while at our daycare we require your dog to have a copy of the most recent vaccinations which must include: 

Giardia Screening (only applies to newly adopted or puppy)
ALL dogs must be neutered/spayed by the age of 6 months.

Daycare Packages

We offer several different daycare packages for your furry friend, including half-day and full-day programs!

Dog Daycare & Spa Packages

Spa & Daycare

Give your dog a half day of fun in our doggie daycare program before getting groomed and going home. Reservations required for this package and must have had a successful meet & greet in daycare and full set of shots as required by all daycare participants to participate.

Spa & Relaxing Day at Scooters

Give your dog a half-day in a spacious suite, including time with our caring staff, a walk and a snack. For an all-day treat this package is ideal for both your dog’s comfort and your peace of mind while you are away the day.

Daycare Hours

Sunday: Closed

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 7am-5:30pm

Saturday: 8am-4pm